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How To Hokan Bowl!

If you are still unsure or would like some extra tips, here are a few pointers:

5 in 1 Uses

Cook in them
Serve to table in them
Eat from them
Store in them
Save food in them

There are more uses, like keeping a plant in them or using the lids as a side dish for your wasabi, soy sauce and ginger! 

Usage videos

Hokan Bowl Recipes

We have constantly experimented with how to cook and use Hokan Bowls and have come up with some perfect uses of our own.

But more excitingly Hokan Bowl customers, or ‘Hokanbowlers’ as they have become known, have written in and suggested their own uses and recipes.

We love to hear from you all and are so happy to receive even more recipes and photos of how you use your Hokan Bowls.

We have tried very hard to create a multi-functional, all-in-one, utensil that adds an efficiency to the kitchen workflow. Made from high fired, glazed stoneware, ensures that Hokan Bowls are robust and durable enough to freeze, microwave, use in a high temperature oven, and are completely dishwasher safe.

You can use your Hokan’s from fridge to oven, to the table for serving. We also designed them to stack, one on top of another, so that they use every last bit of space in the fridge. The one-sizefits-all lid means you never have to look for the right one again. Finally, we gave them a premium finish, elegant enough to use and display at the table.

We hope you find lots of uses for them from saving food to cook or reheat later, preparing and storing meals to be oven-ready for when there’s no time to cook, keeping foods like half-used onions in them to eliminate the odour within the fridge, the other half of the baked beans tin, marinading in them, eating from them, . . . we leave it up to you!