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I really love these bowls ! they are so practical, I take them straight from the fridge or the oven to the table as they are so beautiful. I chose the colour yellow which brings sunshine into the kitchen every time I use them.


Caroline, London

I don’t know what I did without them, they are such an everyday part of my kitchen routine


Rory, USA

Cook and store the way forward...


Meg, UK

These are beautiful. Want one.


Henry Dimbleby (Leon Restaurants)

Just seen these at a friend's house and ordered some myself! Love them! 


Arthur, Sussex

We literally use them every day!


Hilary, UK

I'm just back from staying with friends and your bowls were in constant use. I love them and now both need and want them for myself!


Tracy, London

Your packaging is totally plastic free and recyclable, I was so impressed with that. My boxes arrived in perfect condition but the boxes are super clever.


Emma, London 

Hokan, I love your bowls!


Nigella Lawson

I love my bowls so much and use them all the time.


Dawn, Scotland

Well I got them and they're incredible..they're BEAUTIFUL


Dan, USA

Amazing! I love the design and the colour is just incredible!


Ieva, Lithuania

We love our blue Hokan Bowls - so useful to store leftovers, leave in the fridge (no more ugly plastic) and we just bring them out to eat (or heat) the next day.

And they make great gifts... am about to order some Lemon Yellow ones… 


Rachelle, London 

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the HOKAN ethos

Hokan is a British design company that manufactures and sells unique and innovative products for the kitchen and home. Our ethos is firmly based in sustainable and efficient living and our mission is to provide items for our customers that have been designed to save food, money and time. We believe that tackling food waste, providing zero-plastic, and making things that last a lifetime can be fun, attractive and practical.We hope that this appeals to you as much as it does to us. Once started it is difficult to stop, and changing the way we use and buy, becomes a meaningful and satisfying way to live. Saving time, money and food, and of course our environment.

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