Terms of Service

Hokan Bowls are made from quality stoneware and as such should be perfectly fit for the purpose as set out. However, all stoneware is not able to be placed on or under direct heat such us induction, electric or gas hobs nor under the grill or broiler, because it will crack. Stoneware that is used in the freezer must not be taken out when frozen and placed in a hot oven because again, it will crack. Instead let the stoneware and contents reach room temperature before placing into heated oven.


Although robust and durable, glazing can chip if knocked heavily against hard objects, so reasonable treatment is recommended to avoid this. Glazed stoneware is never completely free from slight dimples and inconsistencies in the making or glaze and may appear as such within your sets. However, this is normal and does not affect their durability or use in any way, but rather makes the pieces slightly more unique and individual, we hope you agree.


We may not be able to accept your order, or part of your order, due to one of the following reasons:


• authorisation of your payment failed

• we made a pricing or product description error

• you’re not eligible to order from Hokan Limited.


If there are any problems with an order, you’ll be contacted by one of our Customer Services Advisors. If for any reason, you’re not 100% happy with your purchase(s) please tell us so that we can put it right. If you change your mind about an order and want to cancel it, you can do so up to the point when it is despatched (orders are normally processed immediately after they’ve been placed, so we may have already packed your order and made arrangements for it to be sent when you cancel it. If this is the case then we can’t always stop the order from being delivered: once you receive the order, just return it to us free of charge).

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