Sustainability Pledge

From the germ of a new piece, to the delivery of the finished product, Hokan is committed to keeping to its mission of being conscientious, compassionate and efficient in all that it does and sells.

To this end we will not waste anything that is recyclable or reusable. For instance we reuse the cardboard cartons in which the stock is shipped from the factories, for the delivery to you. We will not use, or have the factories pack or use, any uncompostable, synthetic packaging materials.

We require everyone who works to produce our products to be paid a fair and reasonable wage, and that they work in conditions that are safe and reasonable. Before we take on a supplier we will always meet and greet with the owner to those on the shop floor; and throughout our partnering we make frequent visits to ensure this is still the case, and also, because we want to have friendly and communicative relations with all.

All of the materials that are used in the manufacture of our ranges are without water poisoning glaze dyes and chemicals, are 100% cotton fabrics, and all locally sourced. That the source is always sustainable and maintained, for the lowest impact on the environment, is top of our requirements. We want to save resources and use them efficiently to keep our environment healthy and beautiful.

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