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Reborn Oven Gloves


Reborn Oven Glove pairs

Limited Edition

Made from our base ecru and the choice of the upcycled patterns, all in 100% cotton, and made to the finest construction for safe, but stylish, and conscientious use in the kitchen.

Each pair is as unique as the cook whose hands are in them.

Fully certified for oven use BS 6526


Reborn Oven Gloves

recycled, remade, revitalised and reborn

We have created a new range of oven glove pairs using a combination of end of line and recycled fabric. Our base fabric is of an ecru yarn spun from the sweepings and discarded cotton from the mill floor, and which is combined in the design with upcycled fabric made up from end of line cotton fabrics of different patterns, that no longer have purpose and destined for the waste tip.

But we can use it all to create special editions of unique pieces, and at the same time, limiting the wastage to landfill, creating a viable business of clearing out the warehouses, and a purchase to cherish.

We hope in this way to protect our natural resources and provide our customers with the choice for a compassionate, conscientious and efficient household.

Each piece is as unique as the cook who uses it.

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