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Hokan is a British design company that manufactures and sells unique and innovative products for the kitchen and home. Our ethos is firmly based in sustainable and efficient living and our mission is to provide items for our customers that have been designed to save food, money and time. We believe that tackling food waste, providing zero-plastic, and making things that last a lifetime can be fun, attractive and practical.We hope that this appeals to you as much as it does to us. Once started it is difficult to stop, and changing the way we use and buy, becomes a meaningful and satisfying way to live. Saving time, money and food, and of course our environment.

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  1. Veronika Marshall

    Beautifully designed – super happy I bought these! I use them for all of my roasting & baking.. in constant use! Very tempted to get another colour or two..! Nice & speedy delivery.

    Medium Pitch BlackMedium Pitch Black

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  2. Carrie Gardner

    Received a set of these as a wedding present and have used constantly since – super practical and super stylish; perfect cook-to-tableware that’s great for storing leftovers too.

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