Hokan Bowls | NEW Range: Upcycled Fabric Aprons
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NEW Range: Upcycled Fabric Aprons

Sustainable fashioned aprons

Dizzy Blue Pocket

Dizzy Blue

Brown Leaf Pocket

Brown Leaf

Blue Flower Pocket

Blue Flower

Upcycled Fabric Aprons

Limited Editions of 20 each pocket style


A NEW range for Hokan brings a truly sustainable fashion addition to the kitchen.

Carefully selected end-of-line 100% linen forms the base of the apron, and the pockets are made from patterns found in thrift stores, making each garment in the range, precious and unique.

Each has been a British tailor in the US, in editions of just 20 in each pocket colour way. And because of the very nature of the saved-fabric idea, there will only ever be these in the world.

Each as unique and special as the cook who wears it!



100% Linen base

100% Cotton packets and cord

One-Sized Medium/Large

Three editions of upcycled pocket fabrics, Dizzy Blue, Brown Leaf and Blue Flower in 20 of each.

Please note: Each apron pocket is cut from the same piece of upcycled fabric but will not be exactly the same as shown in the photos, but they will have all of the characteristics of the overall design.